Alive and meowing

Somehow in this life I learned how to reply to the question of “how is life?”

Two years ago I adopted a 11days old cat, where I had to take care of it and it was a big responsibility (when it came to feeding it constantly and doing stimulation’s for its digestive system) a friend of mine used to ask me “how’s the cat?” My reply always was “nothing new, alive and meowing it is!” Where the cat stayed alive, and in order for its survival it kept meowing for hope to get food or for stimulation time. Later on that became some sort of a motto; where it states that life is tough at those helpless moments, but survival and fighting through is the way to go. To me it held a really positive meaning, for after the phase of a cat “staying alive and meowing” it grows up and that’s when it starts to take care of itself. It’s a statement filled with hope for me; that this is just a phase and we grow with less meowing unless it’s necessary.

But a question came to mind “what if we are barely alive and we are no longer meowing because we lost all hope?”

“Are we truly alive then?”

“How do we deal with that phase?”

It’s a phase because it’ll pass, even if we think it won’t !

To survive that phase it’s a matter of staying strong.

“I Walk Slowly, But I Never Walk Backward”- said Abraham Lincoln.

Life is tough. You must stray strong towards all of that, and not only by appearance, but mentality as well.

We might face times of weakness, it is healthy to process that. Denying it is unhealthy as it will grow all over you till it hit you one day!

When life is good to you as you’re dealing well with life, appreciate it !

Make the good days, relaxing days and off days count with appreciation. As for the LESS of good days, make them count as well! Make your meowing mean something positive as you thrive to grow, as you look forward for the next day with hope; for without hope I believe an individual stays in a pit where no light takes place and where it’s all filled with toxicity.

And I believe that most situations don’t need constant adaptation, a temporary adaptation all that is needed; as an individual finds their way around the situation. Like any other video game as individuals levels up with experience…

So stay alive and meowing through this, till you grow to meow less and live more.

Grow to roar !

A Different Route

This is where my writings in this page take a turn as I want to write more and embrace my thoughts. Less poems will be written, for I came to a realisation where I’ve realised I only write poems when I’m feeling low; so from now and on my plan is to write something more helpful for individuals out there to read other than to make them feel less alone.

Some of my writings might be motivational, others might be elaborating events, states of mind, or even emotions from my own perspective. As there shall be a schedule for my posts to motivate me to write and share my writings.

Life is a mess, but a beautiful mess it is. Once one sees the beauty of it, it all makes sense.

Reality Does Not Need to Rhyme

As humans

We deal a lot with confusions

And disoriented minds

Sometimes we feel helpless

Other times we feel blind

Our feelings alternations are not under our control

If they were we wouldn’t want them to change

Or maybe we would want to change them the minute we want to do so

Just like when we snap our fingers

It’s ridiculous how our thoughts lead us to crazy conclusions

Or how people lead us on to satisfy their fictional stories

Some people fall in love

Others fall in the idea of it

But in the end of the night we are going around in circles

Some are small, others are quite large in diameter

But I believe that as long as we keep moving and surviving, the circle vanishes or becomes way larger in size

Phases we go through

Emptiness and hollowness that overcomes us

Where no one can help us but ourselves

When that lantern shuts down and it gets dark

So we stand up and with all difficulty to light it up again to get back to being ourselves

So then we start to maintain our own happiness by being alone (a what’s so called “recovery period”)

Till we risk it all to go out there again and that’s how we walk in circles

Or that’s how the cycle operates

Happiness is just a state of mind

But sometimes we are that helpless and blind to discard happiness or even discard the idea of its existence

Midnight Breather 

As the night grows darker

 My pupils get wider  

The air starts out lighter

And my breathing gets smoother 
I fix myself a cup of tea 

Something comforting with the atmosphere 

Something that would get things clear

Which would release me from my fear
Losing you is not something I could bare 

For all I did is that I cared 

And it was all due to a stupid dare

All in all, what has been done is fair

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.

-Amit Ray, Om Chanting and Meditation

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I Am Here

I draw

And I write

I have claws 

But I’m too kind to fight

With following the law

I’ll be your knight

And with what I saw

What you did was right

From now and on you have no flaws

The plan is to set you free tonight 

We can’t attack and we can’t withdraw 

But for what it worth we will live the night  

Hold On To Hope

They keep proving her wrong

When she had hope they said it doesn’t belong 

And when she lost it they all came along 

It’s confusing and she is singing a song 

She is not doing it to complain 

It’s just that her father was in pain 

And that was crashing her brain 

And She was ready to take the train 

But a doctor left his vacation and came 

From the airport to her house to deal with his pain 

How kind he brought her hope 

That the world has good people so hold on to the rope 

He came and stopped there mopping 

For once she was glad that she was proved wrong 

When she said that there is no hope it’s taking too long

She is happy that her father was strong 

Waiting enough till faith came along 

And now she believes that there’s some good

She stopped wondering about the future and stood 

With hope in her glowing eyes, she understood 

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.

-Bil Keane


Lujain Jamil 

They Broke My Promise 

That promise I made 
That I’ll never fade

Leaves me standing here and wait 
So far I don’t hate
But I’m afraid  
The time will come and all what happens will be faith  

But you’ll have your place 
When you see there is nothing to face 
When it’s all gone, there will be nothing to chase 

Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.

Anthony Burgess

I called his broken promise heartbreaking, and he called it growing up. Oh, that’s mature—blame it on maturity.

Jarod Kintz, Xazaqazax


Lujain Jamil 

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After I Die ?

After I die
Nothing will be mine 

It will all just be the same
I’ll be gone, but they are still in the game 

All I’ve left behind is just a name
It will all go away even if I was in the hall of fame 

Don’t be sad for me your turn will come soon
Just let go of the past and gaze at the moon 

Live your life, you don’t know when it will end
You can be happy at least you can pretend 

Don’t change your principles, don’t let them bend

Just live on and make lots of friends 

So after I die 
Nothing will be mine

All I will leave behind is what I write
Hoping that there will be a light

I fear what will happen to me in the other-side Hoping that peace is what I will find 

 No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.

-Steve Jobs


Lujain Jamil 

Why I Pulled Myself Away

You’re pretty much like a fire 

Sitting around and eating what you desire                       

This time I won’t be naïve 

I won’t sit around and wait to be deceived                    

I’ll be smart and pull myself away 

As if we are two strangers walking on a bay 

Don’t worry I will be okay 

no need to say hi or hello or hey                          

Why do I feel this anger inside

Maybe all I need is a pal to find 

People will walk in and walk out of your life, but the one whose footstep made a long lasting impression is the one you should never allow to walk out.

-Michael Bassey Johnson


Lujain Jamil